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Page updated: 2020-09-20

DNPAHA at work with our Community

Hello Neighbours,

It is with great excitement and pride that I want to share news of our upcoming tree planting plan to improve the forest and natural species living right behind your homes.

After extensive work with the Credit Valley Conservation Authority and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, we have removed a significant volume of the old diseased and non-native red pin plantation and are continuing to plant native species of trees to enhance and naturalize our forest.

Through this removal and previous rounds of tree planting, we have seen osprey nesting naturally on the property, peregrine falcons, green herons, great horned owls, screech owls, grouse, wild turkeys and an increase of mammals including rabbits, deer and hares, plus numerous interesting fungi!

We are investing $33,000 in our forest this year, a major investment and planting undertaking. This fall, you will see the CVC workers arrive to plant thousands of beautifully grown native Ontario trees and shrubs through their reforestation program.

In order to gain access to all areas of the club, we must clean up our fence line behind your homes again to allow for the plant material and equipment to arrive. This previously open area has unfortunately become overgrown with invasive species and we have notices some older trees precariously leaning towards your properties. I inspect trees regularly and have identified some dying ash trees and others which have to be removed to prevent future damage. We had planned on tree removal this spring, but have been delayed by activity restrictions through the stages of Covid-19. You will see our volunteers soon in small safe work parties to clean up some invasive species, remove dying ash trees, reopen the 12’ deep safety access area and prepare for the planting.

It is our mandate to encourage and support conservation efforts and we teake great pride in maintain a healthy forest to provide habitat for a variety of wildlife and native species.

Many across Ontario have notice the numerous tent caterpillar nests. Although an eyesore and annoyance, due to the proximity of the sensitive wetland, we will not be spraying for those insects.
Research shows a trend in infestations of three years. This being the third year and MNRF researchers show this should be the last year of this infestation before they go dormant for ten years, although some pockets of infestations may continue for one more year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me during the day at my business number. Thank you and enjoy the new wildlife and fresh clean air!

Chris McCoy
Forestry Chair
Dufferin Northern Peel Anglers and Hunters Association

Post Date: 2020-09-01

Some of the results of the work parties invested in our forests and grounds;



Post Date: 2020-09-28


Early May (2019)  gave us the opportunity to give guidance and instruction to members of the Caledon First Boy Scout Troop.

Are smiles an indication of a successful evening?

Post date: 2019

With support from Dufferin Norhtern Peel Anglers' and Hunters' Association and Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, several enthusiastic young people from St. Benedicts and St.Leonards SS enjoyed a day out of doors. The object of their intrigue lies in the fact that after having nutured several hundread eggs to fry status, they are now releasing Altantilc Salmon into the wild.  

Post Date: 2017

DNP played host to the Sunnybrook Vets 171 Sunday June 22 (2017).

The following is a brief summary capturing just some of their visit to the pond and pavilion area:



Post date: 2017

At the July (2017) monthly meeting, following a brief photo presentation by Friends of Island Lake (FOIL), Co-chairman Bob Shirley accepts a contribution from Dufferin Northern Peel Anglers and Hunters. 


Presenting is President Murray Johnston. DNPAHA has been party to FOIL from early in its projects and has supported the trail development throughout its development.

Post date: 2017


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