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Due to Covid-19 measures put in place earlier this year to ensure the safety of our club and it's members, currently, no guests are allowed on club property.

Please check back on the website regularly for any changes to this status.

Post created: 2020-09-24

We are having a problem with the pond gate card reader not working intermittently. 
The executive have been in contact with the security company and a new reader has been ordered but will take up to 8 weeks for delivery.
Should your fob or card not be able to open the pond gate, please use the main gate for access to the grounds.

Thank you for your patience

Post created: 2020-09-14

Important Member Information

Dear Members,

Please see the Members Only page for updated COVID19 Measures related to the club.

Post Updated: 2020-07-31

Check out the new club Instagram and Twitter feeds.

Links are found at the bottom of the desktop page.

Post created: 2020-08-15


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